Windows 10 Upgrade – Hanging at “finalizing settings”

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Windows 10
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Windows errors can be very troublesome. We recently ran into this issue trying to install an upgrade to Windows 10 and did many things to try and resolve it.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Remove all accessories attached besides keyboard and mouse
2. Hard Power Off the machine – remove the power cord and push the power button in for 10 seconds to discharge the internal power supply.
3. Try to check all connections in the computer – if you feel comfortable doing this.
4. Run hardware test on the computer’s hardware.

In my trying to resolve this error and hang up, I discovered that the hard drive was to blame. As the hard drives age they can become unreliable and make an easy install into a nightmare. Which can even be more disheartening when as this client did – called Microsoft for help with the Windows 10 upgrade and they had no idea what to do.

So do yourself a favor and try some of these and I hope they help you. But if not feel free to contact us to help resolve the issues you maybe having.

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